Jupyter Notebook

The Jupyter Notebook is an interactive computing environment that enables users to author notebook documents which can include:

  • Live code
  • Interactive widgets
  • Plots
  • Narrative text
  • Equations
  • Images
  • Video

The Jupyter Notebook combines three components:

  • Notebook web application
  • Kernels
  • Notebook documents

Integrated within the TOP environment, the Jupyter notebook interface enables users to exploit data available on TOP using scripting language. Every registered user has seven pre-defined notebooks available, which are best explored interactively:

  1. What is Jupyter? + Notebook Basics
  2. CAMS data analysis with ADAM
  3. Regional CAMS data analysis with ADAM
  4. S5P data analysis
  5. Ground stations
  6. Measurement comparison
  7. Correlation between S5P NO2 and CO

New notebooks based on the Python kernel can be added, existing notebooks can be duplicated and edited. To get familiar with the Jupyter environment, it is suggested to start with the first notebook and beforehand watch the videos below, which shows the basic approach of accessing the and interacting with the Jupyter notebook environment.