aTmospheric cOmposition Platform

Project based work

TOP offers the user or team a collaborative way of data exploitation - in addition to standard data collections, TOP facilitates data upload, processing performance and results comparison & download. Moreover, TOP enables the provision of specific services for your project's duration in a cost- and presentation-effective way.

Data triangle

TOP is the first operational platform implementing the data triangle and therefore generating an atmospheric multi-source data cube. This enables users to the exploitation of satellite, model & in-situ data simultaneously and on-the-fly.

User interfaces

TOP has implemented various ways of accessing the platform and its data. A Graphical User Interface (GUI) addresses general visualization needs. Scientific applications are covered by the Jupyter Notebook interface, as well as the Command Line Interface (CLI).

PM10 forecast for Vienna (Austria)

NO2 over Vienna (Austria)

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NO2 over Austria

NO2 tropospheric column weekly average over Austria




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